"Amy Perry is one of those rare individuals who lives her life as an adventure in awakening.  She is a student of truth and a student of herself always seeking to be a beneficial presence and to shine the light of awareness wherever she goes.  Amy is a gifted teacher, an insightful spiritual counselor and a powerful woman of prayer.   I have served with her many times and continue to be inspired by the brilliance of her mind and the openness of her heart."

-Reverend Kathleen McNamara, Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles

     "I have known Amy Perry for several years now. I first met her when I was a frequent guest speaker at CSL DC. I later became the associate minister and served the community with Amy as one of the Practitioners of the Center. Currently, I am the senior minister of the CSL Greater Baltimore and I hold Amy's CSL Practitioner license with this community. 
      I also meet with her on a monthly basis to pray together, and if I am honest, I reserve that level of trust for a select few! I am in absolute awe and appreciation for this powerful being. Amy truly exemplifies what it means to be a Master Practitioner of Distinction! Her artistry, professionalism, passion, sense of purpose, conviction, and integrity are but a few of the vast reasons I highly without reservation recommend Amy as someone to work with. She gets results not because she lives in answered prayer but because she lives AS answered prayer!"

-Rev. Raymont L. Anderson, D.D., Ph.D., Msc.D.,
 Senior Minister of The Center for Spiritual Living Greater Baltimore 

     "Amy Perry is a spiritual practitioner, counselor & teacher of extraordinary consciousness and a keen ability to get to the core of any challenge or difficulty.  Her abilities to connect with people & bring insight, clarity, healing and transformation to the most challenging of situations is unparalleled."   

-Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle, Author of God Sings My Soul: A Book of Visionary Poetry


     "Before I started working with Amy, I had a distinct call to be a mother.   I also had a whole lot of doubts as to how, when, and with whom.  At the time, I was 37 and single.  From the first session with Amy, I felt a "home" within my Self that I hadn't experienced before.  We did a lot of very deep work, releasing old beliefs and embracing the new. My call to Motherhood became a whole souled knowing.  I met my now husband that same year.  I continued the work with Amy and we often had couples sessions to vision and work on our relationship.  This led to our decision to start trying to get pregnant. I got pregnant the first try at 39.  Our daughter is perfect, healthy, and so very loved!"

-Dee Anderson


     "Amy Perry is a powerful healer who possesses the remarkable ability to guide you on an transformative journey to meet new aspects of your higher self through the power of prayer and vision. I have stepped out of my own limitations and into new realms of my own potential as Amy led me to the sacred space where “deep meets deep”. Our work together has introduced me to a field of possibility that I had not previously visited. An incredible and synergistic fusion of healing, visioning and transformation occurs in every session in which I participate with this evocative woman! My work with Amy has been indispensable in my journey in revealing the principles and the power of Divine Excellence, Compassion and Justice in and through the practice of law in Los Angeles."

-Mary T. McKelvey, Attorney at Law

     "You know, it's like you go along, living your life, doing what needs to be done, and something's not quite working like you want it to.   It could be a job, could be a relationship, it could be a personal behavior that you thought you'd improved, and there it is AGAIN!

      Mine was my job...in trying to find a satisfying job that gave me enough money where my unique skill sets would be employed on a daily basis that I could even GET at my age was eluding me.  I started working with Amy, winnowing down the important features of the fantasy job, and we started praying.

     I must tell you, within 3 months I landed at the place where my fantasy job was waiting for me.  It employs all the treasures I've accumulated over my working lifetime, and it looks exactly like the details we put into our prayers.  Well, her prayers...she's much better at it than I am.  I didn't have to "make do" with any alterations of the ideal, either.  All the elements came through!  The kind of people I would work with, the energy surrounding my daily activities, the various skill sets that would be employed to ward off boredom, the money I wanted to make...all of that and more!

      Whatever area of your life that is in need of help or guidance, I cannot recommend the power of Amy Perry's prayers highly enough.  She helps you hook into the magic of the universe that is within your grasp every moment of every day, but eludes us because we're simply not as in tune with it as is our special friend, Amy Perry!" 

-Lois Foraker

     "Amy helped me find the path to finishing my first book.  In the midst of my third re-write, I attended Amy's workshop.  I am convinced that this workshop helped me find the strength to see this project through to the finish.  Without her insight, I am sure that my book would be still sitting in a drawer just waiting to be completed.  Amy helped me recognize my sabotaging behavior and helped me achieve my vision."                

-Johnny Bjorge, Author

It's Hard to Love You When You Spit on My Floor


   "Amy is a radiant light in my life.  I seek Amy's council when I need to reconnect to the truth of Infinite Love.  Her passionate and wholehearted faith inspire and uplift me to harmony and Grace." 

-Stella Archer

    "The Amy Perry I know and love is so wise, gentle, loving, funny, talented, and full of God and Goodness, it spills over on me and makes me a better person." 

-Lee Garlington, Actor

     "Precious.... during probably the most challenging personal moment of my life.... the divine sent me a staff of deep wisdom in the form of Amy Perry. Her unflinching, quiet communion and prayer allowed me to find light where there was darkness and anchor me with inner confidence to the healing power of surrender... never rushed, always there... on a night when I was far away from home, alone in a strange hotel room, my condition worsening, I called her at 2am and she sat with me in prayer until daylight ... I am better in all ways now ... and she is in my life forever, with simplicity  and beauty.. and through her I found the spiritual gift of my illness, trust in my healers and the strength to recover from paralysis and my operation. Whatever her life plan is at this time, to offer service to those in need, I cannot offer support enough. She is my friend and God's gift.... Precious."

-Robert Wisdom, Actor