A Spiritual Counseling session looks a lot like regular ol’ therapy - two or three people sittin’ around talkin’ about living - except the principles employed are spiritual in nature rather than psychological. I liken it to an energetic chiropractic adjustment in that the clients’ beliefs about themselves and the world maybe “knotted” or “kinked” which inhibits the natural flow of being. Once those knots are released the flow is released and the client has the breakthrough they are looking for. A session begins usually with a time of silence and a short, spoken blessing. It usually ends with a “treatment,” which is an affirmative prayer realizing the alignment of the client and the good they are seeking. In between the beginning and the end a lot of different tools can be used. Guided meditation, visualizing, visioning…good old fashioned wrap sessions…hashin’ it all out…spillin’ the beans…being quiet…drawing, writing. Sometimes I give “homework.” And all this floats upon the deep and ever-present unconditionally loving wholeness of Spirit. The Consciousness of Wholeness brings about a shift culminating in transformation within the client. It works. I have applied it myself in my own life, as well as assisting my clients in their challenges, and experienced amazing results. 


People come to me with all kinds of challenges. Some want a relationship, others are trying to move on from one. Career changes, financial increase, health concerns, addictive patterns are all reasons to see a spiritual counselor. Starting a meditation practice and learning to pray in an effective way are skills that my clients come to me to learn. Peace of mind is always a good motive. I personally see my practitioner as a part of staying healthy and in tip top shape. Spiritual counseling is not, by any means, a long drawn out process. I have seen some of my clients only once, only to run into them later and hear that they are experiencing the very thing we focused on in our session together. My practice is based in empowering the client to know their own consciousness holds their personal keys to expanded living.
     Sounds kind of fancy, but my clientele spans from Massachusetts to Oregon to California and D.C.! As well as all over the U.S., I have clients in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and France. I find it miraculous and exciting in this day where technology and spirituality can play together, to find the Intimate Within always available, whether a session is face to face, on the phone or via Zoom or FaceTime. I see clients one on one and face to face. Some of my clients come to me; sometimes I go to them. I see clients in groups and in pairs. I talk to clients over the phone and via Skype. I write to them via email and instant messaging. We can make sessions work in your life. That goes for my fee as well. I charge $100.00 an hour for individual client sessions and 150.00 for couples counseling. And I have a certain number of available sessions for which I am willing to work out other financial terms depending on the individual client and his or her circumstances. Like I said before: We can make sessions work in your life.
     The client/practitioner relationship is an intimate one. I hold it sacred. I encourage you to give me a call and we can talk…323-428-3740. If I’m not the counselor for you, I have lots of wonderful colleagues who I would be glad to recommend to you.

OTHER SERVICES...                                                 


     Guided Meditations focusing on Oneness, Wholeness and Health, Relationship and Abundance. They are spiritual in nature, utilizing the awareness of inner being within the body to shift beliefs from limitation to the unlimited. You can find them on iTunes.
     Meditations can also be recorded specifically for your needs. For example, I made one to address the experience of morning sickness... Or to anchor the vision of your career... Abundance... Whachu want?
Let met know... 
    Also... I have officiated and helped to create weddings and memorials, made hospital visits, attended hearings in support of clients and even gone clothes shopping. One of my favorite “assignments” was sitting in silent communion (called “holding vigil”) while my sweet client wrote her screen play. I have also held vigil for a corporate executive while he was in important meetings and for clients under going surgery...
    And I can cook...




SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR...                              

     Consciousness is the only qualifier really. My teacher always used to say to me, “You are where you are by right of Consciousness.” What makes up Consciousness? Well, that's one of the Big Questions, huh? I'll tell you some of what I believe qualifies me. First and foremost it is my Faith. It is a faith that works. I believe in God… sincerely. I believe in the God of my fathers and mothers. I believe in Christ Consciousness and Buddha Mind… I believe in the Muslim call to prayer five times a day. I believe in the God of Love and the One you can never quite name, the One that you can feel in the Quiet of a forest and when a bird flies overhead. I believe in the Still Small Voice, and the Out Of The Blue God. I believe in Oneness and the Lawful Nature of Being. I believe in us… you and me and all of us. I love people. Sincerely, I do. That Love qualifies me. Over and over again, it qualifies me. Another old saying: “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

    I have been on a consciously spiritual journey since I was 20. In 1981, I had a spiritual awakening that lead to my freedom from life threatening addictions to drugs and alcohol. From that time on I have done my best to put the cultivation of that awakening first. Consequently I am free from smoking, and eating disorders, debt, self-destructive relationships…free from the knot of thoughts and emotions that used to double me over at the waist…free from that stagnant paralysis that fear bound me up in. I am free to be in a way that I never thought possible.
    I have pursued an eclectic spiritual path; always trusted Inner Guidance and It has taken me, it seems, to just the right teacher or book or practice at just the right time. Lots of Christian Mysticism and Buddhism... The Tao Te Ching was given to me when I was 17 and it continues to be a major influence. I am very open to all spiritual paths, and I can feel it in my bones when it is meant for me to dig deeper into it. I was an actress for about 25 years and I feel that God revealed many spiritual truths to me through the practice of that art. Art is a big way God moves in me and opens me up: Poetry, theater, dance, paint, music... Not that I am proficient at all those art forms, but they do indeed inspire me. Nature too, breaks me open wide... trees and birds and the way water plays upon us all. Mostly my practice is living daily as consciously as I possibly can amidst all this human-ness... my teachers are the folks I encounter, my curriculum is what's occurring. "Grace" seems to sum it up and lead me on...  I am, as they say, a work in progress.

​    In 2005, I received my license as a Spiritual Practitioner from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.  I also have a license with the Centers for Spiritual Living, a global spiritual organization based in Golden, CO. Rev. Raymont L. Anderson of Baltimore, Maryland holds my CSL license. Since 2007 I have been blessed with a full time spiritual counseling practice. I always have a meditation group or two going (if you’d like to join us, just give me a ring). I facilitate classes and hold workshops periodically. I write poetry and am working on a quirky collection for publication, and I contribute monthly to the online magazine "Inner Visions", a selection of daily meditation practices published by the Agape International Spiritual Center. I have helped to facilitate the training of other Spiritual Practitioners at both Agape and the Celebration Center for Spiritual Living in Falls Church, VA.
    I continue to grow in Understanding and to surrender to this Mystery. I am so very grateful to be able to participate in the world in this way.
I thank my clients and cohorts, my teachers and students with all my heart, because really, that they trust me is what qualifies me.